Seasons of the North

The spring in the North means the return of the sun
revealing to all what the winter has done.
Fading away those soft winter hues;
the oranges, the pinks, all the different blues.

The sun comes back strong and melts away the snow,
it will soon overpower the aurora's night glow.
The land changes fast from white to green,
next thing you know, it's a summer scene.
The magical summer of this great North land
can only be felt if seen first hand.

A grizzly at rest with her cubs running 'round.
A caribou strolls by with his nose to the ground.
Up high in the cliffs the Dall sheep give birth
to little white lambs new to this Earth.

Moose are glad to see the fresh leaves on the trees
as their newborn calves spring about as they please.
The swans, the cranes, the terns and the rest
have returned once again to feed and to nest.
Wildflowers in bloom with colors so bright.
Daylight so long that there is no night.

Salmon fill the rivers and lakes fill with loons.
White puffy clouds fill the afternoons.
Beavers mend their dams and river otters play
all the while knowing that the sun won't stay.

Soon it will get dark real early in the morning
and the fireweed will display its end of summer warning.
Termination dust will come to the high peaks.
Moose will be in the rut for several weeks.
The tundra will change from greens to reds.
Dall sheep will begin to butt their heads.

Fall is here, it's brief, it's fast.
The Sandhill cranes know it won't last.
They leave in V's of thousands or more,
they're not going to stay for what's in store.

Daylight is dwindling and the ground is white.
The sun's sinking south for a long winter's night.
The bear's holing up in a snow cave somewhere.
The lynx is on a prowl for a snowshoe hare.
Moose are wading through chest deep snow.
The aurora borealis puts on a grand show.

Caribou head for their winter ground.
Wolves follow intensely without a sound.
The Alaskan winter is in its full swing
until once again - another spring!

On the back of note cards #200 P, Q, S & V

Copyright © 1987 - 2020 Jimmy Tohill

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Seasons of the North

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