Run Wild

The river full of salmon, bears all around,
Out in the wilds of Alaska, serenity is found.
Blueberries, cranberries wild everywhere;
Pure rivers, soft tundra, freshness in the air.
Walking through moose trails, bear trails and streams,
Here in the wild ... living my dreams.

A caribou stands in a bog by a creek.
You can tell he's wild, he's strong not weak.
Run wild, I say, run wild and free.
Run wild down a river and you will see
You will see the things that make you grow
You'll feel the freedom, the wildness will show
It will show in your heart, you'll feel it throughout
You'll have a feeling for wildness and what it's about.

Run wild down the rivers, run wild in the hills
Seek out the pureness, the greatness the thrills.
From bears feeding on salmon to eagles that soar,
On alaska rivers I have found this and much more.
There were ducks and beavers and beautiful blue sky
There were rapids that roared and a wolf's lonesome cry,
I am so glad there are still places like this,
Where you can feel the touch of nature's sweet kiss.

On the back of note cards #200 C, G, I, K, L, T & W

Copyright © 1987 - 2020 Jimmy Tohill

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