The Beauty of No Indoor Plumbing

I just went outside to pee
and much to my aglee
It's thirty below
and the sky is aglow
with northern lights to see.

The northern lights you see
can help to set you free,
You'll stand and stare
with frozen nose hair
and forget you came out to pee.

If you give the lights a chance
they'll put you in a trance
From green to red
as you lay back your head
and watch their magical dance.

It seems from the end of September
until I just can't remember.
It gets so darn cold
and the dark gets real old
but the dance of the Lights keeps you limber.

You'll feel so warm inside
and the smile you just can't hide,
While watching the Lights
on cold winter nights
you really can't beat the ride.

It's a ride so pure and free,
it's a ride you just have to see,
At thirty below
and the sky aglow,
don't forget you came out to pee.

On the back of note card #200 B

Copyright © 1987 - 2020 Jimmy Tohill

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