Alaska, Alaska - Home of the Free
Alaska, Alaska - home of the midnight sun.
I have come to learn and have some fun.
Alaska, Alaska - there's so much land;
Things are so beautiful, life is so grand.
I've climbed on glaciers, I've seen some bears,
I've left my worries, I have no cares,
Except for the cares of life and health;
Alaska, Alaska - has its own special wealth.
The wealth of the eagle, the moon and the sky;
You have to see it with your own gazing eye.
Alaska, Alaska - home of the free;
There's so much here, so much to see.
The Dall sheep, the caribou, the griz, the moose;
Here in Alaska, a man can cut loose.
Cut loose from the impurities of the modern city;
Here in Alaska, things are so pretty.
Alaska, Alaska - I love it already;
Insecurities are gone, I feel so steady.
This is a place everyone should go
To learn the things everyone should know.
Things like wildness, beauty and strength,
Where summer sun is forever - 24 hours in length.
Alaska, Alaska - I think I'll call home
Where I'll have a life to roam and roam.
Roam through the mountains down to the sea,
Alaska, Alaska - home of the free!

On the back of note cards #200 A, D, E, J, O & U

Copyright © 1987 - 2020 Jimmy Tohill

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