Early Summer in Denali

The grizzly siblings roam the tundra eating
grasses, roots, old berries from last fall.
The old white ram sits stoic on the ridge
watching his nine young competitors
playfully practicing battle with one eye, and
with the other, watches his harem and offspring across the valley.

The bull moose heads out alone for lush tundra.
The golden eagle soars high and has his eye on
the newborn offspring of the old white ram.
The marmot whistles and ducks into his burrow.

The caribou lays down on a patch of snow
seeking relief from biting bugs.
The longtailed jaeger returns, flying low in search of voles.

The wolf, elusive, sees it all.

On the back of note cards #200 F & H

Copyright © 1987 - 2020 Jimmy Tohill

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